It takes us time, but as we like a job well done, we follow the production of each of our products with great care. When possible we favor the use of sustainable materials , such as certified ecological fabrics and fibers .
We are committed to creating products that bring joy while respecting our beloved planet.

Our textile products

Ready to wear: our jersey is in very soft organic cotton. Made in Portugal by our partner factory since 2018. The cotton gauze fabric from our home bed linen collection has been developed in partnership with Bien Faire, an agency that has enabled us to manufacture these products in the most ecological and responsible way possible. The fabric is a double gauze 100% cotton from certified organic farming (GOTS).

Bags: we work with the same Indian factory for all our bags, which allows us to optimize transport. Their products are designed and manufactured with respect for the environment and in the most ethical way possible. Items are produced from certified organic, recycled or unused materials. The factory does not use single-use plastic packaging or items. Prints are made with REACH certified inks and dyes

Objects and accessories made in Asia

As you know, we love transparency (okay, not for our panties – although…), as we tell each other everything, we are going to talk about sensitive subjects. Although Chinese manufacturing is still sometimes controversial, we have chosen to work with factories that are experts in their manufacturing field . We call on these factories for the quality of their work and their know-how. For some items, such as umbrellas or rubber boots, the factories producing these products are mainly located in China. Nevertheless, in order to limit our ecological impact, we favor superior quality materials so that your products serve you for a long time. Also, to reduce our footprint related to transport, we group and always choose a slower delivery by boat. We are not but we promise we do everything to improve with our mini team and our great will.

The pre-order

What we prefer, and the most responsible way of producing that exists, is to manufacture our products only to order . This is the case for ceramics (Amour Amour, Breton bowls), wallpaper and neon lights. Not only is this way of doing things economical because we only produce what we sell (and that's thanks to our small business treasury), but above all, it's the most ecological thing. No overproduction, no unnecessary storage, no sales on products that sell less well... In short, if we could do that with all our products, it would be heaven!

Sales and seasonality

Another way for us to be responsible is to have no seasonality in the collections we bring out. The proof: the embroidered Bisou t-shirt dates from 2014 and the Bisou kids ready-to-wear collection from 2018. We don't chain releases according to trends, with us it's basic to wear all year round for all ages and all genders.

And the sales in all this? We try to limit the sales so as not to participate in this race for the permanent promotion, but we still offer reductions from time to time. First, so that even small budgets can afford Kisses, but also because we have to make room in our stocks and renew our products from time to time.


Of course, we have in mind to develop, but at our own pace and not to the detriment of our planet. We never throw anything away. It happens that articles have small manufacturing defects, we then put them aside to offer them at a reduced price during physical sales. In the case of defective production, which has only happened once, we donate these items to associations. We limit single-use plastic as much as possible and our logistician favors recyclable paper and cardboard. We work with a local ESAT , a company employing people with disabilities, to package all our stationery products.

The associations we support

When we can, we support causes that are close to our hearts and make regular donations to them.

We are aware of the ecological challenges facing our planet. As a small business, our impact today may be small, but we are constantly perfecting our process and committed to working as responsibly as possible to bring you sustainable, planet-friendly Kisses.