The brand



& fun!

Let's introduce! Mathilde Cabanas was founded by -- drum roll -- ...

Matilda Cabanas ! Amazing!

The adventure began in 2013 when Mathilde, an illustrator and graphic designer by training, produced and marketed her first birthday cards and invitations. The arrival of the iconic Bisou design, followed by a series of successful collabs, allowed Mathilde to surround herself with a small team and the brand to develop.

Products that make you smile

Our number one goal? Bring a little smile in your daily life! With her pop and joyful line, Mathilde puts a touch of wow in your life.

Kisses for a sweeter daily life

Everything, we tell you everything about the Bisou.

First successes on a recycled paper mini-card in 2013, the Bisou is then declined on small objects such as masking tapes, pins or tattoos.
Then, the first collab arrives with Balzac Paris on a white t-shirt that has since become iconic, and it's the beginning of a crazy adventure!

He then walked around the locker room of young and old through collaborations with Poudre Organic, Aigle, Veja, Novesta, and... he is far from having said his last word!

Umbrella, shopping bag, clothes, doormat and even a box of tissues , the Bisou can be taken wherever you want, at ease everywhere.